The Guenther Foundation accepts applications for grants from qualified tax-exempt charitable organizations operating within the State of California.  Applications are not accepted from individuals. Regular meetings of the Guenther Foundation’s Board of Directors are held semi-annually in the winter and summer to consider and take final action on pending applications for grants.

Effective with the October 31, 2020 deadline, all applications must be submitted online; the Guenther Foundation will no longer accept mailed or hand-delivered paper copies.  

Applications must be fully completed directly on the Henry L. Guenther Foundation website by October 31 for consideration at the board of directors meeting held in January, and by May 31 for consideration at the meeting held in July.  Prospective applicants are requested to communicate with the Guenther Foundation office only by letter or email (no telephone calls please).  

Apply for a grant online here.  A printable PDF worksheet of the application is available here, but it is provided only for your convenience and should not be submitted. Our online platform allows you to save your work as you progress, including saving any attachments.

All applications must include the following:

  1. Copy of a valid Internal Revenue Service letter granting exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. Copy of a valid California Franchise Tax Board letter granting exemption under Section 23701d of the Revenue & Taxation Code.
  3. Copy of a valid Notification of Status under Section 509(a) of the Tax Reform Act of 1969 issued after January 1, 1970, classifying the organization as: “a private foundation;” “a private operating foundation;” or “not a private foundation.”
  4. Current, complete audited financial statements. Financial statements prepared by other than independent auditors must be signed by two officers of the board of directors or trustees. All accompanying notes to the statements must be included.
  5. Current list of officers, directors, and/or trustees.
  6. A detailed statement of the request, including a complete budget, projected time schedule, and all other applicable details.  Provide complete financial information (sources and amounts of all loans, grants, pledges, and other fundraising activities; copies of contractors’ estimates and/or bids from suppliers; etc.).
  7. A statement of how the organization’s proposed project will benefit California residents and, if applicable, those residing in Southern California.
  8. A detailed statement defining the need for the services or facilities that would be provided by the requested funds.
  9. A statement describing the manner in which the organization would report to the Guenther Foundation the disbursement of monies and the results obtained with the requested funds, within the required reporting guidelines set forth above (section #11 of the Policies
  10. A statement from the governing body of the organization authorizing the presentation of the application as a prime need within the scope and limitations of the Guenther Foundation’s policies.

NOTE: The correspondent submitting the application should be an executive director, administrator, manager, or an officer who is fully qualified to amplify the information in the application and is available during normal business hours.  Communications with individual directors of the Guenther Foundation will not be of assistance to the applicant and are discouraged.